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Are you ready to take your triathlon training to the next level with cutting-edge research and science? Triathlon Training with Power is the first book written to help athletes integrate power training into all three sports of triathlon.


This book will introduce you to power training principles and their applications, developed by leaders in the endurance industry, that can help you achieve peak performance. While the application of power training principles has been a mainstay for cycling training for some time, authors and master coaches Dr. Chris Myers and Hunter Allen expand this powerful methodology to apply to swimming and running.


You’ll learn how to develop an effective, revolutionary training program using the power training principles and methodology. You’ll explore sample training plans across the multisport spectrum to help you create a personalized training regimen to maximize your ability and give you a competitive edge.Triathlon Training with Power provides you with an innovative, research-based tool to transform the way you think about triathlon training and elevate your personal performance.

Triathlon Training with Power

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  • This book can be purchased directly from Cognella Publishing.

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